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  • How we met

    Most movies depict couples meeting for the first time while reaching for a same piece of fruit at a grocery store or getting caught in a city rain storm and trapped under the same awning. While that may happen for a small segment of the population, it is probably not the norm. People just swipe right on their smartphones (Tinder reference).

    We both lived in the DC area in the mid to late 2000's. We did not live that far from one another. It was not uncommon that we were hanging out bars right next to one another on the same night. It wasn't until we came back to Philly that we met for the first time in June 2014. While our meeting was thanks to the help of a dating app. (not Tinder), we still think it was rather serendipitous. Now, we are excited to celebrate with you all!


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  • Hotel room and parking availability

    Ted Talks are coming!

    Great news! 

    We recently found out that a roaming, annual NJ Ted Talk has selected Asbury Park, NJ as its location this year. It is scheduled the day before the wedding (Saturday, May 20th) a block from the hotel. In its fifth year, the Ted Talk has sold out each time. The venue, Paramount Theater, seats 1,600 people. That means there will be close to or above 2,000+ Saturday the 20th when factoring in other weddings taking place (there is one confirmed at our venue for Saturday night) and the 3 concert venues. We share this so those who are able to attend are informed that parking may be limited, that the hotel may reach max capacity for parking and room blocks earlier than expected, and to make accommodations early on in anticipating of the event. We recommend booking rooms prior to March 30th if possible.

    If you are interested in attending the Ted talk or looking for additional information, please click the links below. 



    To book a room, see below:

    For guests interested in staying Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday night at the Berkeley, we have arranged for a small block of rooms. Guests may book their rooms online via https://make-reservations.com/web/ and using Promo Code: GILGOO or by calling the hotel at (732) 776-6700, selecting option 1 for room reservations, and asking for the Gill-Goodley wedding block. (Please note: you may have to refresh the online room link several times to gain access).

    Reservations for blocked rooms are recommended to be made prior to March 30, 2017. Please contact the hotel for additional questions regarding availability and pricing.

    Additional hotels in the area include www.theasburyhotel.com and http://www.asburyempress.com/.

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